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10 - Day Sweep Program

by Kathleen Spike, Coaching Works 

Feeling stuck in your business, your career, your office, your home or your life? Use this 10 - day program to "Sweep" through some major projects, blocks or stops. This self-directed, results focused program will move you into completion/accomplishment/starting by doing 100 actions in 10 days. A self-guided strategy to break you through barriers and into more of what you want in your life. 

 Decide on a theme.  

This will keep you focused and maintain the thread of motivation throughout this process.  Your theme might be to simplify. Build your 100 steps around simplifying your life. Then, do ten actions every day around your theme. The result: accomplishment/competition/change/starting. If your theme is to simplify, these might be some of the 100 actions.

1.  Identify a project - break the project into 10 categories with each having 10 specific actions or results. Over the next 10 days do 10 specific actions a day so you will reach completion of all 100.

2.  Create Space - do something everyday to eliminated excess, piles, and confusion in your home or studio.  You may want to do the same action every day for 10 days to retrain how you handle excess, piles or confusion.  You choose.  

3.  Retrain your Spending gremlin - remember you have a simplifying theme so why not apply it to money.  If you have to give out energy for every dollar you earn, then for every dollar you spend you are spending your life energy.  How much of your energy do you want to spend for “stuff”?  Where is money draining out of your business?  100 steps to plugging up those holes would definitely simply your business.

4.  Say No 10 times a week – Where are you over committed and what do you want to do about it?  Practice saying no to everything, unless it quickens, energizes or enhances your business and life.  Even say no, lovingly, to family and friends.  You could say no at least three times a day for 10 days.  That is 30 of your 100 actions in your “Sweep” program. 

Pick your theme and begin to build your categories or areas to support it, come up with 100 steps to work on in your 10-day program. Create a buddy system to help hold you accountable to what you say you will do for you.  Check in every morning by phone to get acknowledge of completion of the day before and to “ready, set, go” for today!   You are benefiting yourself and your buddy. You will benefit enormously through this process.  Make a copy of this program and share it with a friend. This is a lot of fun and the results will really inspire you to expand your potential and the enjoyment of living.

The key is for you to do what you will say you will do -- for 10 days. You practice what you set up for yourself....no cheating. Remember, you would only be cheating yourself.

Getting into action and "Sweeping" to new clarity

Do you have your theme, the 100 steps and your 10 days set aside for this process? In this program be sure and pick things that are doable. Be sure you don't set yourself up for failure. If your theme is "more success", each day you may do one thing to master and learn something that will help you in your business.

Create a checklist of 100 boxes, theme at the top, each row documented as to the step and a check off system of when it was completed/accomplished/started/transformed. Just like getting stars in first grade, we all still like to see visually the results of our efforts. YOU ARE YOUR OWN ENGINE!

Even if you have a buddy, you are the only one holding yourself totally accountable to the completion of your program. It is not the buddy’s job to watch out for you. You come together as buddies to “announce” your progress, integrity and celebrations. It is the honor system with you. Each day ask yourself what is your current score or number of boxes you have checked. Remember, 10 a day is the promise.  What was your biggest win today? Then celebrate it (scream, yell, eat ice cream, whatever) and check in with yourself to find out how you are managing yourself in this program. Are you frustrated, stuck, not keeping your commitment to yourself, decided this is ridiculous, judged your ability to accomplish the end result, gave up? Ask yourself what you are learning about how you set goals and keep them. What really stops you from reaching goals? What was distracting you today and took your eye off of the 10 things you wanted to complete, experience or start today? What can of worms have you opened by starting this program?

If your theme was to simplify, you may now be so aware of how you have overwhelmed yourself with stuff, greed, confusion and chaos that it will take doing the program 10 more times to dig out of your life pattern. At least the program woke you up or brought into your awareness that more change will get more results for YOU!

Learning...Growing...Transforming...Loving Life!

What could you figure out, during the program, to be your consequence for non-compliance to your agreement with yourself to finish the program? Make it something really important so you will know the result of not completing. If you are always letting yourself off of the hook, do not follow through with performance, it becomes a habit and way of life.  So, make a consequence worth its salt.  If you do this as a team, the consequence is you are out of the game.  You don’t get to participate further.  Wow, strict yet very effective.

So, complete 10 of the 100 each day, many will be repetitive each day. Every time you get stuck in your life or work and nothing is happening that you want to happen, grab a buddy, get started on the 10- day Sweep and see your life and work get energized, thus creating results and life happiness. Everyone likes the results of positive action, begin playing bigger in your world today. Enjoy.


Kathleen Spike is a Master Certified Personal and Professional business and life coach.  You can access FREE resources, FREE weekly tips and phone coaching classes at her virtual learning center at www.spikebizcoach.com or call 888.861.8950 for more information.   

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