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The 12 Secrets to Starting a Home-Based Craft Business

Secret #3. 

By Karen Booy, as excerpted from 
Crafting the American Dream
and the CRAFTLINK Newsletter Newsletter

This may seem like a funny little secret, ACT LIKE YOU BELIEVE, but it may  be the real key to your success and many people never even give it a passing thought. What exactly is ACT LIKE YOU BELIEVE??? This is the belief that you CAN do it!

I am often surprised when people admit to me that they had tried to start a craft business but they knew that it wouldn't work. I always wonder if they knew it wasn't going to work at the beginning, why did they waste all their time and energy in starting?

Watch you don't get caught up in negative programming, replace the negative with the positive. Start to pay more attention to your "self-talk" that little voice in your head. What is it saying, are the thoughts confidence building or confidence breaking?

You are the greatest resource in your business, it is your BELIEF in your abilities which is your greatest asset. Belief that you can achieve your goals is more valuable than time, talent, or resources because without the belief in yourself -- your wonderful product may never get out of the workshop.

How do you learn to have more faith in yourself and your abilities??? You apply SECRET #4......YOU FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT!!!! Coming soon . . .

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