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The 12 Secrets to Starting a Home-Based Craft Business

 SECRET #4. 

By Karen Booy, as excerpted from  
Crafting the American Dream
and the CRAFTLINK Newsletter Newsletter

I started to sell crafts in 1976, hard to believe that it is 1998 --- now  twenty-two years later! I am happy to report that I am still selling crafts and I still love it. Although many things have changed, many of the same problems remain for crafters beginning their business today.

Since I deal on a daily basis with crafters and their businesses I realized that everyone might benefit from some of the common obstacles. After over 20 years of owning and operating several craft businesses I received the opportunity to put together a business opportunity kit. The kit includes 5 business manuals, an hour video and half hour audio cassette. We have been sharing the 12 Secrets to Starting a Homebased Craft Business from the audio cassette in the past three issues of CRAFTLINK.

The 12 Secrets:

C - Craft a Plan
R - Really Focus
A - Act Like You Believe
F - Fake it till You Make It -- Be Professional
T - Transform Your Product - Choose Quality Supplies & Equipment

A - Ability - Be Creative

D - Do What You do Best & Hire Out the Rest!
R - Realize Opportunities are Often Disguised As ---- Problems
E - Educate Yourself!
A - Attitudes: Passion & Persistence & Procrastination
M - Maintain Good Records - Bookkeeping

! - Enthusiasm

This is one of my most amazing secrets - I must warn you right now that if you do utilize this secret, I cannot be responsible for the results. I will however tell you that it can change your life.

What is FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT? It really is a very simple process, you simply ACT like you have already achieved whatever it is that you want to accomplish! If you want to be successful, act successful, if you want to have self-confidence, act like you have self-confidence, if you want to be happy, act happy.

Don't laugh, it really works, the truly amazing part of this secret is that you will soon not only fool others but the best part is that you will start to fool even yourself! Then you know you have mastered SECRET #4 FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT.

Some of my students have asked me "isn't this lying?" Absolutely not!!! It is an exercise in realizing your full potential and it really works. I was thinking of having T-shirts printed with the FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT slogan but I am not sure if I want the secret out to everyone, just yet.....

In order to jump start your business you need to be professional in every aspect possible. People want to deal with businesses that are successful, competent and are going to deliver the goods! You want to run your business with an air of confidence.

You will never become a successful craft business owner if you act like your business is a HOBBY! Once you make the decision to go into business you must begin to consider what you do as a business. You are IN BUSINESS it is no longer a HOBBY. This may seem like an insignificant detail but I can assure you that if you consider what you do a hobby, it will stay just that a hobby.

In order to grow a business you must consider it such at every opportunity. Be professional in your dealings whether it is in person or by correspondence.

Invest in your business by purchasing some business cards and printing up some letterhead. Quality printed materials are one of the easiest ways to FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT! By having business cards it lets other businesses and potential customers know that you are serious about what you do and that you do have a legitimate business. A business card will open doors at Trade Shows, dealing with Wholesale Suppliers and will most certainly impress friends and relatives who never really believed you'd amount to anything....you'll show them!

When operating your business always put your best foot forward, remember  you never get a second chance to make a first impression. You don't have to spend a lot of money in order to appear professional, it does however start with a mind set and with the intention of using your resources to their full potential. Always give your best. Make the best with what you have.

How your business presents itself is one aspect of being successful, another important area is YOU. You will be your company's best salesman. What does your appearance and personality say about your business? Would you want to do business with you?

People buy from people they like. Plain and simple. You may have a great product but if you are rude and insensitive it will affect your sales. In order to last in business you must be self-confident, have a sense of humour and be easy to get along with.

Don't forget to invest some of your business profits in yourself, you'll never find a more worthwhile investment. So buy a new outfit, have a facial, take a seminar -- REWARD YOURSELF.

All the 12 Secrets are available on audio cassette in the Crafting the American Dream business opportunity kit.

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