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The 12 Secrets to Starting a Home-Based Craft Business 


By Karen Booy, as excerpted from 
Crafting the American Dream
and the CRAFTLINK Newsletter Newsletter

Here is the latest installment in The 12 Secrets to Starting a Homebased Craft Business. Now is the time to be investing in good quality equipment and supplies as we start to seriously get to business in our studios and workshops. Never overlook the difference quality makes.

The 12 Secrets:

C - Craft a Plan
R -
Really Focus
A -
Act Like You Believe
F -
Fake it till You Make It
T -
Transform Your Product

A - Ability -- Be Creative

D - Do What You do Best!
R -
Realize Opportunities are Often Disguised
E -
Educate Yourself!
A -
M -
Maintain Good Records
!!! -

Invest in your business by purchasing the best equipment and quality supplies. Spend your money wisely and purchase equipment built to last.

You will be only as good as your equipment. Over the long term, quality will outlast and out perform cheaply made tools and equipment. Wait until you can invest in the best. Check around for quality used equipment if purchasing new is out of the question. There is nothing more frustrating than dealing with inadequate equipment or equipment that is constantly breaking down and in need of servicing. Remember, these are fixed assets and can be depreciated over time as write offs.

Buy the best quality of raw supplies that you can possibly afford. Purchase top quality fabric, ribbons and paints. Not only is it easier to work with high quality supplies, your product will be of greater value when it is completed. Always try to shop for the best value for your dollar but don't be tempted by the clearing house tables. You will want to ensure that you are not purchasing out of date supplies that have already seen their moment in the sun. This is where it is very important to be aware of the trends in styles and colours in the craft industry.

Becoming aware of future trends will help you to allocate where your dollars will be spent. Stay away from "flash in the pan" trends and incorporate the seasons new decorating colours into your product line. How do you know which direction current trends are heading? You can become an expert by doing a little research of your own. Pay attention to home decor and fashion in magazines, newspapers, stores and on TV. Watch how people are beginning to spend their leisure time. Baby boomers are beginning to turn 50! This is sure to impact current buying trends.

Remember to stay alert, watch for changes and produce quality items reflective of the changing trends and consumer tastes.


All the 12 Secrets are available on audio cassette in the Crafting the American Dream business opportunity kit.

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