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Cashing in After the Show

By Karen Booy
 As published in  CRAFTLINK Newsletter


A great deal of time, thought and money is spent in promoting your company with your booth display but how much time have you spent developing marketing tools for use while you are at the show? As we approach the selling season don't overlook the opportunity to sell to craft show attendees - long after the show

Be Prepared: The craft show with its Christmas sounds, sights and smells - is very much an impulse-buying atmosphere, but they don't have to be! Take advantage of every lead that comes your way by being prepared with several marketing tools.

Have a Draw: Why not showcase your talents and offer a free draw at your booth. Create tickets that will include lines for the contact information of your customers (or potential customers - hey they stopped long enough to notice your door prize). Many crafters are only asking for an email address since mailing via snail mail has become probative for small business, while sending a notice via email costs pennies!

Guest Book: Don't like the idea of a door prize? Why not ask your customers to sign a guest book? This is a great way to capture the contact information of your customers (and potential customers).

Product Cards: Create a product card that you can attach to your product that includes your contact information. This can be a challenge if you are selling small, inexpensive items....but see what you can come up with! 

Website: A website is one of the best ways to continue to sell to people - After the show. Don't forget to keep your website updated frequently so that it gives people a reason to come back for more! A website works 24/7 and can become a great selling tool with a little work. You may start out using it as a virtual sales brochure, then add a few items with a shopping cart and who knows where sales in cyberspace may lead....

Advertise Your Website: Don't forget to let people know that you have a website. Put your website On All Your Printed Materials! That includes product cards, business cards and any promotional items that you print. Also try to mention your website if you are interviewed on radio or TV. if anyone writes a story about you or your business ask them if they will include your website - most will as they would rather have their readers check out your website than call them!

Bags: Why not have some bags customized with your company logo and contact information. This can be a great way to advertise your business. Bags, boxes, and labels - many things can be custom printed. check out one of the packaging companies for their creative advice and inspiration!

Create a Flyer: Create a flyer with a list of the shows that you will be exhibiting at. This is a great way to let your customers know where they can see you again - and buy more from you! It is also a great way to help the show promoter build show traffic and is much appreciated by the show promoter.

Plan Now to Cash in Later: Do you have any great ideas on how to promote your business long after the show? Please send your ideas to info@craftlink.net  you might win a one year free subscription!

Take time to plan your marketing tools NOW!

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