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Business Assessment Checklist

by Kathleen Spike, Coaching Works 


1. What are you an expert in?_______________________________________

2. If you are not an expert, what do you need to do to gain proficiency that will make you an expert?__________________________________________________


3. Where can you get the training you need to make you proficient?___________


4. How much are you willing to invest monetarily to make yourself an expert?____


5. If you invest the money to become more of an expert, how can you sell that skill to recoup your investment?__________________________________________


6. Who do you have to convince you are worth investing money in?


Your spouse________________

A parent___________________

A banker__________________

7. What are the emotional blocks that are keeping you from investing in yourself and making yourself an expert so you can earn the money you want?___________________________


8. We tend to blame others for our not becoming an expert at something. We blame others for our lack of educational opportunity. How can you change that around, admit you made all of the choices, begin anew and become an expert that can earn money doing what you love?_______________________________________________________________


If this is your dilemma, there is help -- hire a business and career coach!

Kathleen Spike -- "Coaching Works to help you break through your barriers and into training that will make you an expert."

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