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Candle With Care

By Jody Stall
 As published in  CRAFTLINK Newsletter by Karen Booy


Candle making supplies have become a natural progression of Stallco’s business and the company has more plans for further products, services and support.

About three months ago I called the office of Craftlink and asked if my company could place an ad in the upcoming edition. Karen said, “How about we do a story on you and your company?” I said that sounds great!

So it’s four days away from deadline and I'm just getting to it now. Doesn't everyone say that procrastination is your worst enemy? Well that’s my middle name! 

The first two questions that I have to answer are: What year did you start your business, and how did you start? Well I have been thinking about those questions a lot and the answer is 1993, and I didn't start my business, Karen Booy of Craftlink started it for me. The oddest thing is that I had forgotten all about that day.

It was a beautiful October day, my boyfriend (now my husband) was not working and I had the day off from Boston Pizza so we decided to pick up a publication of Craftlink. I cannot remember how I heard about Craftlink but I'm glad now that I did. I will never forget that day -- it was the first day of the rest of my life. (Karen, I owe everything to you for putting out this magazine.) 

As we got close to Karen's house we were almost stopped dead in our tracks by this loud, scary barking dog down the street. When we finally made it to the house, Karen greeted us at the door with a big smile, and said you’re about to enter a new world. The crazy world of crafting! So for $5.00 I received my first publication of Craftlink. (At the time it had a blue piece of paper for the cover.) When I got into the car I quickly flipped through the booklet and then put it down. Little did I know that that small booklet would soon become my bible. 

I found some venues that had openings and started ‘crafting like crazy’. At my first craft show I had the whole gambit of things, candles, floral arrangements, napkins…you name it, I had it. I thought this was great, people were giving me their hard earned money and I was just fooling around. It was truly an awesome experience. We continued to do craft shows for two years, then decided it was time to ‘hit the big leagues’. 

We exhibited in the "Uniquely BC" portion of the Vancouver Gift Show. We had a great name CANDLE WITH CARE and great products, the result was a success . (I must thank my father-in-law Bob, for he came up with the name.) We got so many orders that my husband had to quit his job and we started to work together. 

Our whole house became a candle factory within a very short time. We were rolling beeswax candles in the kitchen and dining room, packaging in the car port, and the office was in the bedroom (try not to let this happen, or you won’t need an alarm clock – the fax machine will wake you - not a good thing). 

To top things off we started making paraffin candles which are more dangerous to make. Up went the baby gates to protect our 13 month old son. Well David didn't like it. He was getting less attention, he was locked out of the kitchen and he couldn't get to his favorite teething toy, a beeswax candle. So he did the only thing he could - climb the gates. 

Soon fall came and it was trade show season again. My sister-in-law Cassidy was working for us. That poor girl! Everyday she would take home wick tabs and come back the next day with wicks for us to make candles with. She is a truly amazing person (and a great candle maker too). The trade show in Edmonton was fantastic! So good in fact that we got two sales agents, Corrine and Gary, and a small private label account which we still have today, six years later. This event forced us to move out of the house and into a WAREHOUSE . 

Getting out of the house was the best decision we ever made. The wax was piled up way too high in our entrance way and besides, the neighbours were getting a little curious with all the delivery trucks coming in and out. This all happened within 2 1/2 years from getting our first Craftlink publication. Who would have thunk it? Well that space did not last long,  18 months later we left that space and settled out in Abbotsford. Today we now have a 6,000 square foot warehouse and a small store to sell our overruns. With plans for more development, that will be changing again soon, but that is how it all began. 

Since we moved to Abbotsford in the summer of 1997, our business has changed. We went through a name change from CANDLE WITH CARE to STALLCO INDUSTRIES INC. Now we specialize in creating custom candle lines for large distribution companies. Our candles are seen world wide but you would not know it, for it is all under private labels. In addition, we also produce candles for the film industry, providing candles for Poltergeist, the X-Files, and Returned to Halloween Town.

Within the last year a new division of Stallco Industries was created Stallco Supply and a web site was then developed www.stallco.com . Josh and I always knew that candle making supplies would be a natural progression of our business, but we didn't know it would be so successful so fast. The main reason why we are so successful is that we use all our own products. Each and every item is tested in a working production factory. Whether its our candle fragrance, candle dye, candle wicking, candle molds, gel wax and soon to be natural wax. We provide consistency in our products, great technical support and honest pricing. Our customers know that they come first and that we will do whatever it takes to create a great candle!

At Stallco we manufacture all our own candle dyes, vacuum form all our own candle molds, blend over 70% of our candle fragrances, do custom orders and make a candle or two when its a slow day. At Stallco Industries we pride ourselves in the products made. 

A big thank you to all that have helped along the way, and the awesome family that we have with us now! 

Thank you Tia, Dana, Tiffany, Maureen, Darrel and Max

Lesson I have learned over the years: Candle making is a science. Everything is always changing and you must record everything. So get out that notebook and start writing down what you do.

Suggestions I would give to others and things I'm still working on:

*Say what you mean. Do what you say. Then do it in a timely fashion. 
*Leave work at work. 
*If the dog has to come to work, remember he needs bathroom breaks. 
*If you must think about business after hours then do it quietly. 
*Remember it’s only wax. 
*Always get a proof of the final product before you get 10,000 boxes made. I'll try to remember Josh. 
*If you are always misplacing tools either chain them to a table, or wear an apron. 
*Have a pad of paper and pen by your bed. I get all my ideas in the middle of the night and have no one to talk to. 
*Never think about business while driving. You might forget to pick up your kid at daycare. 
*Be nice to the delivery drivers you never know when you need a favor. 
*Be kind to your staff. 
*Learn to delegate. 
*Tell your husband that you love him. 
*Get organized at home first. 
*A bad hair day is just that.


Happy candle making and see you soon!

Jody Stall 
Stallco Industries Inc.

Unit 204 31314 Peardonville Road
Abbotsford, BC
V2T 6K8

Phone: 604-504-3130
email: jody@stallco.com

Many thanks to Jody for sharing her success story about the growth of her company and thanks so much for thinking that I had a small part to play in lighting your creative genius! However, Jody is where she is today because she advanced confidently in the direction of her dreams! 

Karen Booy – Editor Craftlink

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