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Crafters' Etiquette

by Karen Booy
 as published in  CRAFTLINK Newsletter


Ever wondered if you knew all the "unwritten rules" of being a craft exhibitor?

The idea for this article came from show promoter Eva Hansen of The Happening, held at Thomas Haney Secondary in maple ridge, BC. Eva runs this successful craft show as part of the school program.  Students are involved with organizing, promoting and running the show - right down to being parking lot attendants for the busy event!  The craft show becomes a school event and its popularity translates into great sales for its craft exhibitors. 

After contacting several show promoters, the feedback started to roll in on the fax machine and over the e-mail - I must admit that I was a little surprised when I read the top tips for craft show etiquette.  Most of the tips I thought were, well kind of obvious, however when all the tips where in I noticed that not only were the tips simple and rather obvious - they were repeated by several show promoters! This got me to thinking that the simple manners that so many of us take for granted are not so obvious to many!  So I hope that you will read over the tips of do's and don'ts and perhaps it just might be an eye-opener for you as well!

The Happening Crafters "Do" List - Eva Hansen


Colleen MacKinnon, of Rag-a-Muffin Collectibles Inc., has been selling her dolls, Santas and ornaments at local craft shows and gift shops since 1990.  In addition Colleen promotes 'Twas the Month Before Christmas.' This year will mark the fourth anniversary of what she calls "our show" or 'Twas' for short.  It is a blended display of antiques, crafts and food items.  The show runs at Tynhead Community Hall, Surrey BC. Colleen hopes to have a website up and running later this year.

Tips for a Blended Craft Show - Colleen MacKinnon


Barb St. Laurent is the organizer of another blended show in Cloverdale BC. Here are Barb's suggestions for maximizing your time and effort at a home show.

How to Maximize your Time & Effort - Barb St. Laurent


The following tips come from the promoter of one of Western Canada's most successful craft shows.  The Coquitlam Craft sale just celebrated its 22nd year for the Christmas Sale and its 11th year for the Fall Sale.  Show organizer Becky McDonald is now doing the show with her daughter! Since Becky always has more crafters than booths, she can afford to be selective when choosing exhibitors.  What does becky recommend when it comes to craft show etiquette?

 Craft Show Etiquette - Becky McDonald


Keeping It Positive - Trudy Ferguson an Judy Meixner


Our tips from eastern Canada come from show promoter Leslie Bailey of Celebration Exposition of the Arts, her show runs in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Leslie Bailey works in wood and fabric to design whimsical/folkart country collectables.

Tips for Eastern Canada - Leslie Bailey


The following tips come from show promoter, Paul Yard of the prestigious Circle craft show held at the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre in Vancouver BC.

A Promoter's Pointers - Paul Yard

I am sure that you found these tips to be extremely enlightening. You will now be off to the shows on your best behavior! Have a great show season.

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