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"Doing" Fiber Expos"

by Carol Neumann, 
Stitches Great Fibre Getaways


Remember the very first Expo you went to?  If you’re like me, you thought you had died and gone to heaven!  I took absolutely every handout—sometimes two and three (to give to friends).  I was so loaded down with “stuff” that I seriously damaged fellow Expo attendees (not to mention myself) with my over-sized, over-weighted bag.  Once home, the bag sat under my desk; then it migrated to the sewing room; then to a closet and finally got tossed when I came home with a new bag from the next year’s Expo.  Over the years, I’ve learned how to get the most out of Expos and I’d like to share these tips with you. 

1)    Eat breakfast as you may not have time or want to take the time to eat.

2)    Pre-register for any classes so you don’t miss out on ones that get filled. Take at least one class TOTALLY outside your areas of interest just to expand your horizons.

 3)Supplies to bring:

  4)What to wear:

5)    Preview the vendor show by doing a quick run-thru and hilite on the show program, the ones you want to revisit.  Once you’ve done the run-thru, find a seat, get a cup of coffee and map out your strategy.  If time is limited, divvy up the list with a friend and then share the loot!

6.  Shopping

7)     When you get home:

It is two weeks later—midnight—and you suddenly remember something you should have bought and need RIGHT NOW or you can’t quite remember a technique.  Well, just bring out that box of business cards and log onto the Internet—instant gratification.  My how times have changed.  When I first started going to Expos, 800 numbers were a rarity!


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