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Getting Things Done

by Karen Booy, Crafting the American Dream,
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If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done. Ecclesiastes 11:4

Achieving success in your craft business comes down to one thing -- getting things done. If you are unable to get things done, you won't reach your goals. I really believe that it is that simple. When I meet people, they often say "You are so lucky to be able to do what you love to do." Luck has nothing to do with it. Success comes when preparation meets opportunity.

Successful people do things that unsuccessful people won't do. Successful people roll up their sleeves and get busy. They don't wait for perfect conditions. They don't wait until they have more money, their children are older, or they have more time. Successful people start where they are. They make the best with what they have. They get things done.

Successful people get clear on where they want to go. They have written goals and they hold in their mind, a detailed picture of what they want to accomplish. Successful people are motivated by inner convictions, not external forces. They know what they want and are clear on how they are going to get there.

Successful people take problems in stride, always looking for the opportunity within the obstacle. Since they are always open to possibilities, successful people often profit from what others see as "problems".

Unsuccessful people have excuses, not results.

Unsuccessful people don't have any plans and are always blaming others for their predicament. They are victims in life and they refuse to be "response-able" for themselves.

Unsuccessful people are immobilized by difficulty. They are unable to get up and get going.

Success is a choice. It is getting a clear idea of what you want, making a plan on how to get there and taking small steps daily towards your goals. Success means taking control of your choices and your attitudes. Success is realizing that you are the only one who can really change things for YOU!

If you keep doing the things you are doing, you are going to keep getting the things you have been getting.


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