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by Kathleen Spike, Coaching Works 

Change your goals:

If you feel stuck with the goals we are working on, lets drop them all together and pick new ones that will get more immediate results. Or, we can tweak the current goals. If you just are not progressing, something else is stopping you. We can figure out what it is. 

Connect your goal to a personal value:

Find a BIG WHY (a value) to drive the goal. The BIG WHY needs to BIGGER than the why not do it. If a goal is an expression of yourself, your essence from within, your own true values, it will capture your interest and be the BIG WHY for you. 

Focus on things other than goals!

You donít have to accomplish a goal through coaching. Coaching can simply be focused on your understanding of yourself, building a personal foundation, evolving as a professional in emotional intelligence, or holding discussions of life, patterns, beliefs, curiosities and learning. 

Abandon all goals, promises and expectations for a time!

If you are suffering from your goals, reacting to them, getting stuck in pseudo parental push/pull cycles with your coach, your boss or your loved one, JUST STOP! Instead, focus on mind expanding interaction, what you love to love.

Warm regards, Kathleen

Kathleen Spike is the founder of Coaching Works, Inc. She is a Master Certified Coach specializing in business, entrepreneurial and executive coaching.


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