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Kathleen Spike, CPPC, Coaching Works 


kathleen1.jpg (7509 bytes)In 1972 I started a home-based business. The purpose and passion for this business was to have a career and at the same time have babies and be in full charge of their growth and development. These babies, my passion for being a mother and my drive to create a career was the catalyst to my becoming a tailor with a home-based studio, a local and national teach of design, technique and fashionable couture, an author, a national business columnist, a writer on design, home-based business, self-esteem, marketing and doing what you love. This passion took me around the world as I lectured on how to make money, be at home, raise children, create the life you want.

In 1980 I was the founding chair of PACC, now a national organization for those who are in the business of couture clothing, design, fashion sewing, teaching, writing and other related fields. It was a passion and purpose for me to gather together with like-minded people to create this organization. Really, I was isolated and lonely in my Gresham, Oregon studio, working diligently to be the best I could be in my field and I wanted to interact with my peers. This organization was my way of building a professional family. Now, in 1999, this organization is strong, serves the membership splendidly and with vision and purpose. I am so happy to have been a part of the origins of such a fine group of professionals. Currently, I have become the first Resource Member of this organization. I am a formal member of the group, however I am offering services other than fashion, couture, product specific to the field. I offer support, consulting and business enhancement to members as their personal business coach.

In 1989 I traveled to Washington, D.C. to train with the finest professional Image Company in the United States, Color 1. By 1999 I was appointed their National Trainer, and train for them to present. This was a wonderful, rounding out training for someone in the fashion/sewing/teaching/writing/speaking field I was in. It changed my confidence 100% upward. I was the first Color 1 trainer to be brought inside of Nordstrom to train their personal shoppers. I can train you to round out your skills in line, design, personal and professional presence, color, seminars and writing and speaking in the fashion industry.

Because of my love for inspiring entrepreneurs in my field to be more profitable, market better, sell in a larger arena, and being a major goal setter and accomplishment/results kind of person, in 1993 I went back to school to obtain a degree in business management and communications. I also decided to transition from producing product, traveling the country speaking to audiences on my expertise to being a full time personal business coach. I traveled, for six months, to San Francisco to train with the Coaches Training Institute as a "coach". This is a new field that will grow in great leaps and bounds in the next century. I am part mentor/facilitator/coach/business consultant and life purpose catalyst. It has been the most awesome and life-enhancing experience of my life. Another one!!!!! It seems to be my way of life to live dramatically and on passionate purpose.

I have finished my business degree, and am looking to enhance it further with other certifications. I was recently granted the designation of Master Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation. I participate on a committee that certifies other coaches. I am the co-host of the International Coach Federation in Portland, Oregon. I love my life and my work.

I have coached over 100 clients in business, primarily entrepreneurs. Most of you come to me because you want to make more money, enjoy the money you already make at work or in business, get or grow the business you already own. Many PACC members are my clients. Many fabric store owners hire me to coach their business to effective efficiency and profitability. I work with everyone on purpose, passion, effective operations and management, sales, marketing and pricing. I can coach anyone in any business, career orwalk of life. I have clients at AT&T, Merrill Lynch, Copytronix, Hewitt Consulting, Color 1, and more.

A coach does not have to know a client’s field of expertise to coach him or her on better productivity, enjoyment at work, choice making and focus. I have even coached my 25-year-old son as he sought a "position" rather than a job. He saw the rewards of staying in the tunnel and searching until he got what he wanted. Even when he was scared, full of fear and wanted to settle for less (the biggest temptation in life).

You can see all of the products I have produced on the Get Creative Site. You can also visit my own web site to access Virtual Learning. Some of it is FREE and some classes and products will have fees. It is your opportunity to expand your possibilities and opportunities. How do I do all of this you ask? Just like you. I work intently, play diligently and enjoy every morsel of life. I keep an office assistant who helps me manage the paper and systems flow and I have a coach. I have had a coach since 1999. Without her I could never function as focused, effective and successfully as I do. Coaching Works!!!!!I hope to see you in training, as a coaching client or seeking to learn by purchasing some of the products available. Keep watching, more will be happening all of the time.

Warm regards, Kathleen

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