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Linda Beer, Sundrop Outerwear Textiles

Linda Beer
Linda Beer is the Designer of the Sundrop line of outerwear patterns, an internationally recognized teacher, and founder of Sundrop Outerwear Textiles, Inc.

Linda has certificates in tailoring and pattern-making, a diploma in environmental technology, a love of sewing and teaching and an exceptional creative talent. Her methodical approach and innovative sewing techniques enable students to easily do the seemingly impossible.

Even more, Linda brings a sense of humour and a flair for fun to her sewing workshops.


Threads Magazine says: "My attention was drawn to the work of two Canadian designers. Linda Beer from BC, who taught one of the 40 seminars, designs and sells supplies for outdoor wear. Her designs done in bright, dramatic prints and/or solids, are well thought out. Zippers have windflaps on the inside where needed and the jacket collars can be worn several different ways for style and/or heat retention."

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