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Victoria White, The Secret Workshop

Victoria WhiteVictoria lives in a small community the West Kootenay region of British Columbia, Canada with her husband and three small children. Although Victoria has received no "formal" instruction in sewing, she can never remember a time when sewing was not part of her life. Growing up in rural Ontario in a family of six, Victoria learned many valuable lessons in sewing, knitting, and handicrafts. Victoria's mother could probably share a few interesting stories of the sewing "creations" that emerged from Victoria's bedroom when she was a child. (This was before Victoria realized the need for hems and facings!).

Victoria opened The Secret Workshop in 1993 after the arrival of her first child. The idea of a mail-order fabric company was borne out of the realities of small-town living and the difficulties of shopping with children. Finding any sort of selection of quality fabrics meant trips out of town -- and no guarantee of finding what she was looking for. Victoria know she could not be alone with this problem and investigated establishing a mail-order fabric company that would specialize in durable children's fabrics and notions. A one-stop shopping place for any one sewing for kids!

The company has continued to grow since 1993. The Secret Workshop now produces one main catalog each year with five additional updated mailings. The company has never strayed away from its original goal of being a convenient and reliable source for quality fabrics and notions. Catalogs and orders are shipped world-wide.

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