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Angel Ornament -- A Pergamano Creation
by Marie Browning, Marie Browning Creates


angel.jpg (36431 bytes)General

This is a simple pergamano project that can be created with the minimum of tools. To create this ornament you will need 6" x 8" piece of parchment paper, white ink and mapping pen, medium embosser, red dorso crayon, scissors, single hole perforator, 2!/2" plastic gold hoop, 12" white and gold sheer ribbon and silicone glue. Optional supplies include gold ink, perga glaze varnish and extra fine white glitter.


Trace the entire angel design, the border design and the angel wings with the white ink. For variety, you can trace the angel’s halo and the scallop design in the boarder with gold metallic ink.


Dorso the angel’s cheeks on the back of the traced parchment.


Emboss the angel’s wings on the whole design and on the individually traced wings. Emboss the angel’s hair and the dots in the border design.


With the single hole embosser, pierce around the entire border design. Keep the perforations very close together so the border can be easily punched out of the sheet. This results in a very lacy edge.


Cut out the wings and the angel design along the traced circle.


Assemble the cut circle into the gold hoop. Glue with the silicone glue. Glue the border design on the back of the hoop. With the silicone glue, glue the wings in place onto the angel. Glue the wings with a three dimensional manner, not flat onto the design. Varnish the entire ornament with the perga glaze for strength and a shiny surface. Finish your ornament by adding a small bow at the top.

Print out the following diagram to fit  an 8 1/2 wide piece of paper (width only) for the correct pattern size.

paper.gif (31735 bytes)

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