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Designed by Karen Booy
Ewe & Me Pattern Company

To view and purchase other designs by Karen Booy  - go to www.karenbooy.com

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Materials Reguired

Assembly Instructions  

BODY:  Cut a piece of sparkle tulle netting 60" x 6". Using a double thickness of thread, gather along the long edge of the tulle, 1/8" from the edge.  Gather up and tie securely.  Carefully glue on a 11/4" wooden knob to the gathered edge of the tulle.

FACE: With black acrylic paint, place two dots for eyes on wooden bead.  Use a Q-tip to apply pink blush for cheeks.

ARMS: Cut two 6" long pieces of wired ribbon.  Pull the ends of wire on one side of wire edge ribbon to gather ribbon fabric into a small, tight circle.  Twist the wires together tightly.  Cut off excess wire.  Overlap ends of ribbon 1/4" and glue overlapped ends to form sleeve seam. Repeat with other sleeve. Place glue along the seam and glue arms to sides of angels dress, just below the wooden head.  See diagrams below.  Tie bow made from 14" of 1/4" wide ribbon and glue to center front of dress.

HAIR: Cut 3" piece of braided hair,  Remove string and fluff hair at each end leaving the middle portion braided,  Place glue on wooden knob and carefully attach wool hair.  Fluff back of hair.

HALO: Glue wedding ring to top of head for a halo.

WINGS: Cut 24" of 3" wired ribbon.  Tie into a bow that measures 5" across.  Glue to center back of angel.

HANGER: Cut a 5" gold thread,  fold in half and tie a knot at the end. Glue to top head.


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