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Basket Weave Placemat
Elna Sew or Serge, Elna USA Inc. 1995


Beginner Level Project




15" x 22" fabric for backing and borders
2 pcs. of fabric 18" x 18" (print & solid)
18" x 13" pc. of Craft Fleece

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2 spools Maxi-Lock Trademark thread to match
1 spool Woolly Nylon Trademark thread to match



Elnapress or iron-med. heat setting
Sewing machine


Rotary cutter, ruler and mat
Glass headed pins
Bath towel
Lightweight fusible interfacing


  1. Cut the two 18" x 18" pcs of fabric into 1" strips. Set up serger for a 3 Thread Narrow Hem. Use Maxi-Lock thread in the needle and lower looper, Woolly Nylon thread in the upper looper. Serge both long sides of each fabric strip.bwpelna2.gif (10133 bytes)
  2. Use the bath towel or the Elnapress as a base for weaving your fabric strips. Begin by pinning all horizontal strips on towel RIGHT SIDE DOWN. The vertical pieces are woven between the horizontal pieces. All vertical strips should be woven with RIGHT SIDE DOWN and pinned in place as you go. The first strip is woven over, under, over, under, etc. The next strip is woven under, over, under, over, etc. Alternate weaving in this way until you have a woven piece 10" x 14" in size. Press fusible interfacing to wrong side of the woven piece to stabilize the weaving. Remove pins.
  3. Use the 3 Thread Narrow Hem to serge around the outer edges of the 15" x 22" pc. Of fabric trimming off a small amount to clean up the edge.bwpelna3.gif (7581 bytes)
  4. Miter corners on the 15" x 22" pc. To create a 2 1/2" border for the placemat front. Cut corners at an angle as shown in diagram. Fold each angled corner, right sides together, sew a 1/4" seam. Turn and press border in place. Place 10" x 14" pc. On top of Craft Fleece and insert both under border. Use sewing machine to quilt all layers together by stitching along edge of rolled hem.

Copyright Elna, Inc. 1995

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