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Beading Design Ideas
Linda Beer, Sundrop Textiles


(See Bead, Beading, Beadwork for Techniques)


beads1.jpg (12227 bytes)

1. Come up through fabric and attach one bead, go back down through fabric in same spot.

2. Bring needle up through fabric 2mm away from first bead. String on 8 beads.

3. Wrap beads around center bead and put needle through the 1st bead, of the 8 beads you put on, to form a circle.

4. Stitch down between each bead.

Circles can be added indefinitely by increasing the number of beads put on in steps 2-4.



Very simple and quite effective

beads1a.jpg (8798 bytes)

1. Make a flower center

2. Bead the 4 petal centers by dividing the flower center into quarters. At each quarter bring the needle up and string on 8 beads. Stitch the 8 beads down and bring the needle back down through fabric.

3. Come up through fabric at the base of petal center and string on 10 beads. Go back down through fabric at the top of petal center, the beads will automatically bow out and you can stitch them down. Repeat to either side of each petal center.



beads2.jpg (30212 bytes)

1. Draw a straight line on fabric for the center of the design.

2. Bring needle up on center line at 1 (see diagram), and string on beads as shown. Continue beading following diagram.

This design can be done in series of 2-5 beads, shown is a 3 bead series.



1st Row - 1w    2c    1w     2c    2w     (join in a circle)

2nd Row - 2c    2w     (go through 2nd w bead in 1st row)

3rd Row - 2c    2w    (go through 3rd w bead in 1st row)

REPEAT - (Now it gets easy!)

    * 2c    2w    skip     2w    2c    and go through 5th bead*

hint - hold on to very 1st bead and work counter clockwise.

beads3a.jpg (11251 bytes)

1. String on 4 color a, 1 color b, and 4 color a beads.

2. Go up through first 4 color a beads, skip color b bead and go back down through last 4 color a beads.

3. Pull into a circle. Repeat 1 - 3, pulling each new daisy close to previous daisy as you work.

beads3b.jpg (11548 bytes)


1. String on 7 color a and 3 color b beads. (A = inside color)

2. Go through first 4 beads on string (color a), string on 3 color b and 3 color a.

3. Go through 7th bead (last color a bead from step 1).

4. Repeat * String on 3 color b and color a beads, and go through the first color a bead from the previous step* (see diagram)


beads3c.jpg (6344 bytes)


beads3d.jpg (29854 bytes)

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