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By Sally Cowan, Keeping You In Stitches

If your pattern doesn’t include a belt, you must plan one carefully. To decide on the length of your belt, it should be seven inches longer than your waist measurement. If the belt is wider (that is, extending above the waistline) you need to add additonal length. various types of soft belts.

As seen in the illustration, there are various types of soft belts. Some are stright, some contoured, some crushed, and yet others that have buckles. The type of belt depends on the effect you are trying to achive.

For the soft or crushed belt you need to cut the material straight. This belt is most effectively made in soft leather, velvet or satin materials. Use a soft interfacing such as Pellon.

Cut the top fabric and interfacing one inch wider than the desired width of the belt and to your waist measurement plus seven inches. Also cut the lining fabric to the same length but slightly narrower. Baste the interfacing to the wrong side of the top fabric and use as one. Place the lining and the top fabric together, right sides facing, and stitch all around taking one-half inch seams. Leave the straight end unstitched. The shaped end of the belt will be eased slightly onto the lining fabric, which was cut narrower. Trim the seam allowance of the interfacing. Trim other seams narrower than the belt to give a crushed effect. The opposite end can be straight across or cut at an angle (illustration B and C).

If you are cutting the belt from two different pieces of fabric, be sure to cut at an angle as in illustration A and D. Using this method you can achieve a contrasting effect. Sew the sections right sides together leaving a small opening. Trim and turn. Top-stitch if desired. To wear this belt, bring ends of belt to front. Tie into a knot and tuck ends under belt.

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More information on Keeping You In Stitches

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