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"Betsey" the Ballerina Bunny
by Karen Booy, Ewe & Me Pattern Co.

Betsey the Ballerina Bunny is so easy to make she will keep you hopping!!

(Designed for FALK INDUSTRIES LTD. Copyright 1997, Karen Booy)

"Betsey" the Ballerina BunnyMaterials Needed







QUICK TIP: A hot glue gun makes these little bunnies very quick to complete.


BODY: Drill a small hole to top of wooden body. Paint body with white acrylic paint. Let dry.

QUICK TIP: If you want to make several bunnies try painting with Gesso -- it will cover the wood with one coat and save you time.

FEET: Paint two 9/16" wooden beads with white acrylic paint (or Gesso). Let dry.

FACE: With black acrylic paint - place two dots for eyes.

QUICK TIP: Shake the small bottle of acrylic paint and then unscrew the lid. Using the wooden end of the paint brush, place end into the lid of the paint bottle. The small amount of paint in the lid will be just enough paint to make your eyes. Dot the end of the paint brush on the wooden body and you should have a perfect eye. Repeat. We call this the "dip and dot" method.

Use a Q-tip to apply pink blush for cheeks.

Nose & Wiskers IllustrationFor nose place two dots close together using the above "dip and dot" method, then drag the paint together to form the heart nose. Let dry. Using a fine permanent marker draw a line down from the heart for the mouth. Make three strokes on either side of the heart nose for whiskers. See figure 1.

TUTU: Cut 32" piece of 3" ribbon and glue on bunny, forming a "V" in the front (the point of the "V" should be half way down the wooden body. Cut 24" of 6" wide Tulle Netting. Fold tulle in half lengthwise and then in half again. With thick thread basted 1/8" from folded edge. Gather up thread and tie tutu around wood body half way down. Secure with a little glue from the underside of the tutu close to the wooden body. Glue a bow made from 6" of 3" ribbon and glue to center front of tutu. See bunny on pattern front.

ARMS: Cut a 6" piece of white pipecleaner. On each end fold back 1" to form paws. Glue arm piece to back of bunny on top edge of tutu. Bend arms to front of bunny.

bunny ears.EARS: Cut a 6" piece of a white pipecleaner. Fold in half and in half again to form ears. See figure 2.

HANGER: Cut a 6" piece of gold thread, fold in half and tie knot in end. Glue into hole on body top. Then glue in pipecleaner ears. Fold ear tips forward.

LEGS: Cut a 6" piece of a white pipecleaner. Fold in half. Glue 9/16" beads on to each end of the pipecleaner for feet. Bend one leg up in ballerina pose. See bunny on front of pattern. Glue leg piece to front of wooden body under tutu. Glue a little netting down to cover pipecleaner.

WINGS: Cut a 18" piece of the 3" tulle wired edged ribbon. Tie a bow so that it measures approximately 4" wide. Glue to the center back of the bunny. Glue a 1/2" white pompom to back of bow for bunny tail.

ACCENTS: Glue a small basket or easter egg to bunny's hands.

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