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Pergamano Bobeches or Posy Collars
by Marie Browning 1997, Marie Browning Creates

bobeches3.gif (3231 bytes)Bobeches are placed in candle holders to catch dripping wax and attractive element to the candle and holder. I discovered that the design also works well for a mini-posy collar, to hold a small bouquet of fresh, dried or silk flowers for a small tussy-mussy. This is a beginne'rs pergamano project that uses only two tools and simple techniques.


bobeches.gif (4083 bytes)
(Pattern should be approximately 3 3/8" inches in diameter.)


  1. Tape a 4" X 4" piece of parchment to the top of the pattern. Using the white pencil crayon, trace the inside starburst lines.
  2. You will begin by embossing all the open designs on the pattern. You will be working on the back of the finished bobeche on the embossing pad. As you emboss the designs, the parchment paper will turn a satiny white. Turn over to make sure the embossing is even and solid. Do not press so hard as to break through.
  3. Remove the parchment from the pattern and turn over. You will now pierce the design on the front of the bobeche.
  4. Place the parchment paper on the piercing mat, and using the pattern as your guide, freehand pierce wherever a solid dot appears.
  5. With the piercer, pierce a line around the embossed dots forming the scalloped edge. Pierce close together. (If you own a 2-hole piercer, this technique goes twice as fast.) Tear the parchment along this perforated line to form a decorative lace edge to the bobeche.
  6. With the knife, cutting mat and ruler, cut the traced inside starburst lines.
  7. Center the bobeche on top of the candle holder, then push in the candle. If using as a posy collar, use florist tape to hold your flowers together, then push into cut center. Tie a pretty bow under the collar to finish.

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