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Boo-Boo Bunny
Victoria White, The Secret Workshop

front1.jpg (16920 bytes)These Bunnies are great for soothing little scrapes and knocks. The Bunny's back makes a great place for an ice cube to hold on a bump. Children enjoy holding the bunny to help take their boo-boo's away!

**Please note: Boo-Boo Bunny contains small parts that can pose a choking hazard to small children**

Materials Required:


1. Lay wash cloth on table with one corner facing you. Remove any manufacturer's labels.

2. Roll the corner facing you in towards the center of the wash cloth making a tunnel like roll. Stop at the center. This will be side "A". Holding side "A" in place, repeat with the opposite corner. Roll the second corner towards the center until it meets roll "A".

3. Holding the two rolls of wash cloth firmly in place, fold in half placing the rolls of the fold to the inside. You will now have what looks like an upside down "U" with the folds INSIDE. The folded end will form the body of the bunny while the loose ends will be its ears.

4. Lay the "U" down with roll "A" lying flat against the table. Fold the tips of the ears up and back until they meet the end of the body.

Now let's finish the head and ears.

5. Pick up Bunny, holding firmly around the middle. Place the elastic tightly around the middle about 1" from the "nose". You should now have the back of Bunny, the head, and two ends of the wash cloth sticking up which makes the ears (if this didn't work either start again at #1 or make a new original creation!).

6. To make Bunny's nose, position one of the pompoms in the lower center of the "face" --  hand-stitch in place. Position and hand-stitch two pompoms to make the eyes.

7. Hand-stitch the last pompom at the back of Bunny; this is his tail

8. Position eyes on bunny's face and hand-stitch securely in place. If desired, using embroidery thread to make whiskers coming from the bunny's mouth area.

9. Tie a ribbon in a bow around Bunny's neck to cover the elastic.

Enjoy!! Bunny is done!

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