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Buttonhole Embellishments
by Pauline Richards, Total Embellishment News

Button, Button, Who’s Got the Buttonhole?

(Originally published in the Winter 1998 issue of Total Embellishment News.)

Buttonhole Woven Vest


Since the holidays always seem to drain the budget and January generally brings quiet, winter nights for sewing, keep the budget intact and experiment with the art of buttonhole embellishing. Quick-to-make buttonholes are a great way to create a project that’s long on style and short on expense. Choose between Neckline Weaving #013, Buttonhole Woven Vest #014, or Jeanine’s Buttonhole Embellished Jacket #015 to perfect and show off your buttonhole skills.

Doin’ it right:

Pattern #014 Buttonhole Woven Vest

The Buttonhole Woven Vest is a fun first project and also utilizes decorative stitches form your sewing machine.

Buttonhole Woven Vest IllustrationMaterials needed:



Pattern #013 Neckline Weaving

 Neckline IllustrationThis simple neckline weaving can be used to embellish the front and/or back neckline of almost any garment or reshaped for the outer edge of a jacket or vest. Add a special touch by pressing a diamond-shaped metallic iron-on in the space between the buttonholes or add a button for additional color. Use this idea to create your own customized buttonhole embellished project. Kids love this threading trick -- let them weave their own ribbon or trim through the holes.


Pattern # 015 Jeanine’s Buttonhole Embellished Jacket

Buttonhole Embellished JacketJeanine Moser’s creation is a wonderfully interesting design that will definitely have people talking about you behind your back!

Developed at a sewing retreat we attended in Gleneden Beach, Ore. last November, Jeanine wove 4 lengths of ready-made, satin, bias tubing through each series of buttonholes and then tied a knot in each tube end to finish it.

To make Jeanine’s Buttonhole Embellished Jacket:

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