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Christmas Calendar

Elna USA Inc.


Christmas CalendarCount down the days ‘til Christmas! Fill the pockets with small gifts and treats for loved ones. Each pocket represents one day closer to the big event. This project offers several new sewing and serger techniques.




Calendar front and back



Tree Backing







1. Tree

Cut tree "patchwork" pieces from Christmas prints.

a) Cut tree "triangle" from Wonder Under. Place patchwork pieces on Wonder Under. Press. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for Wonder Under. Peel paper backing away and press tree onto muslin.

b) Sew a narrow zigzag over patchwork edges to secure.

c) Place a bobbin wound with red Ribbon ThreadTM in bobbin case. Use bobbin bypass or special bobbin case if necessary.

Use red thread in needle.

Tighten tension to 7.

Place tree RIGHT side next to feed dogs.

Use a feather stitch. Sew over the narrow zigzag. This technique creates a braided look. If it is not possible to use decorative threads on the bobbin of your machine, try using metallic thread in the needle. Select an embroidery pattern from your machine.

d) Position the tree top 8" from top of banner. Straight stitch to secure. Satin stitch over edges of tree. Select the zigzag stitch -- stitch length 0.4mm, stitch width -- 3.1 mm.


2. Star

Fuse gold lame to Wonder Under. Cut out star. Peel away paper backing and press star to banner. Satin stitch star to banner. (Starburst rays will be sewn later.)


3. Pockets

a) Press 5 strips in half (lengthwise).

Mark the pocket lines as shown.

pocket lines

b) Mark placement for the numbers on the pocket. Program your machine for each. If you machine does not have programmable numbers, draw the numbers in with the washable marker. Sew a satin stitch over your design lines.

c) Press 1/4" seam allowance under on sides and bottom edge of pocket strip.

d) Position the top of the pocket 1" from bottom of the tree trunk. Position each row 1" apart. Topstitch the straight stitch to secure pockets.


4. Baste fleece to back of front panel.


5. Starburst

Place a bobbin with gold metallic Ribbon ThreadTM in bobbin case (see Step 1c).

Gold thread in needle.

Trace the starburst on typing paper.

Place the paper design on the fleece (be sure to line up with star on the front).

Use the straight stitch -- stitch length 5.0mm. The RIGHT side of the fabric will be facing the feed dogs as you sew. Pull the Ribbon ThreadTM to the back side of fabric and fleece. Tie off threads.


6. Baste back fabric to banner. Stitch about 1/4" from the edge.

Lay template on bottom of banner. Trace template with washable marker. Baste on marker line. Trim away excess fabric.


7. Decorative edge finish is made with the serger. Set the serger for a wide 3-thread stitch. Use red cone thread in the needle, gold CandlelightTM in the upper looper and red Pearl Crown RayonTM in the lower looper.

Suggested tensions: Needle -- 4

Upper Looper -- 1

Lower Looper -- 2

Stitch around the outside edge of the banner. Tie off thread tails and dab with FraycheckTM.


8. Fold under 1" to the back side of banner top. Lay hanger in the fold and straight stitch through all layers.


9. Hand sew a purchased tassel at point on bottom of banner OR make your own tassel.


10. Tassel

The tassel is made with the chainstitch of the 5-thread serger.

Suggested tensions: Needle -- 2 (rayon thread)

Chain Looper -- N (gold metallic thread)

Stitch Length -- 2.5

Hint: Have the spool of metallic thread lay down (not standing) on the table to prevent twisting of thread.

Tassela) Sew about 6 yards of the chainstitch.

b) Wrap the chainstitch around a firm piece of cardboard (4"x 4").

c) Apply FraycheckTM on one side of the cord. Let dry.

d) Use some of the chainstitch cord to tie together opposite side of cording (side without FraycheckTM).

e.) Cut open FraycheckTM side of tassel. Wrap cord around tassel to make nice "head" (see illustration)

f) Use hand needle to sew tassel to point.


Please note: the following patterns may not print to the correct size from your computer. Therefore, it is important to measure the designs and make adjustments if necessary to the printout.

Template for bottom of banner

Template for bottom of banner

Pattern for stitching starburst

Pattern for stitching starburst

Pattern for placement of fabrics on tree

Pattern for placement of fabrics on tree

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