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Craft Stick Snowmen
Karen Booy, Ewe and Me Pattern Co.

To view and purchase other designs by Karen Booy  - go to www.karenbooy.com

Excerpted from Snowy Folk -- Winter Wanderers Made With What-Nots,
Published by Design Originals

snowmen.jpg (31272 bytes)MATERIALS REQUIRED:

BODY: Paint craft sticks and 1" button plugs with white paint, 1/4" button plugs orange. Let dry.

HEADS: Dot eyes, mouth and buttons with black. Rub on blush for cheeks. Glue heads to ends of craft sticks

.faces.gif (8271 bytes)

SCARF: Cut 2" X 6" strip of fabric and glue around neck.

TO DECORATE: Bend 3" piece of wire and glue to sides of head. Glue  pompoms over wire ends. To make a hat, cut a 4" square of knit ribbing. Glue one edge parallel to ribbing and overlap edges 1/4" to make a tube. Pinch one end and tie. For cuff, turn up to 1/4," glue and turn up again. Glue on small wreaths, brooms and other accent pieces.

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