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ElnaSOS2.jpg (8969 bytes)Adorable Door Handle
Elna Sew or Serge, Elna USA Inc. 1995

Beginner Level Project

dhelna1.gif (6466 bytes)Accent the doors throughout your home with this delightful door decoration. A simple door cover will add to any room. Change them throughout the seasons or holidays and watch the room transform.



35" OF 1/4 " ribbon
26" of printed cotton fabric x 6" wide (Fabric A)
10 " x 10 " of cotton fabric (Fabric B)
30 wt. Cotton thread
1 small safety pin


Elna 9006 EnVision

INSTRUCTIONS: dhelna2.gif (1734 bytes)

  1. Cut out pattern from fabric B. Press one end under 1/4 " on fabric A (fig. 1).
  2. Place ruffler on machine. Set it to setting 6. Needle position 3.5 SL = 2.6. Fold fabric A in half lengthwise. Place fabric under ruffler and line raw edges up with the "20" marking on the bobbin cover. Also leave " on each end that is not ruffled. Stitch.dhelna3.gif (2307 bytes)
  3. Remove ruffler and attach "A" foot. Bring edges together to make circle. Insert one end into the other a 1/2". The end that is on the outside is turned under 1/4" to provide a finished edge. Stitch through all thicknesses (fig.2).
  4. Pin the circle you just finished in step 4 to inside circle cut from pattern aligning raw edges. Sew, following stitching line from ruffling fabric. Trim seam allowance to 1/4". On outside edge of fabric B stitch 3/8" away from edge using SL=5.0. Pull bobbin thread to gather slightly.
  5. Bring fabric B through the middle of the circle. Encasing raw edges. Turn raw edges under 3/8" and pin to fabric A (fig.3). Stitch close to edge on fabric B to secure fabric B to Fabric A. Leave a 3/8" opening to insert ribbon.
  6. Attach a safety pin to end of ribbon. Insert through opening, maneuvering ribbon around circle.
  7. Put inner circle around door handle, pull both ends of ribbon so the inner circle gathers close to the door handle and tie a bow with ribbon to secure.

The diameter of the following pattern piece should measure 7 5/8" across the fold line when printed out.

  1. dhelna4.gif (16977 bytes)

Copyright Elna Part # 30005-32

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