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Ear Muffs
Virgina Burton, Muggin's Designer Hats

(Pattern and Instructions To be used with Muggin's ball cap kit -- BCK-A)

ballcap1a.gif (20404 bytes)Ear muffs are an easy addition to the ball cap. With the addition of the ear muffs, your ball cap will keep the chill from getting to your ears during those cold winter months!

Needed supplies:

Correct Pattern Size: Measure your head around. Refer to ball cap pattern for correct size. Because the fabric used for outside hat, lining and the muff add bulk, make the hat one size larger than the actual size you would need.

All seams are exactly 1/4"

Use pattern pieces C D (from ball cap pattern) and H (muff pattern included)

ballcap1b.gif (12607 bytes)Construction:

1. Construct outside ball cap -- View B

2. Ear Muffs:

a. To secure ties -- on the wrong side of the muff lining, section H, glue a small square  of non-woven interfacing directly over where the ties will be positioned.

b. Place the ties on the right side of the muff lining fabric. Stitch back and forth several times.

c. Place outside muff fabric over the muff lining. Stitch around outside Edge, 1/4" seam, leaving top edge open. Turn right side out. Press on the outside fabric, if necessary. Avoid pressing the fake fur.

d. Right sides together, match the center back. Pin open edge of muff along the bottom edge of cap. The edges of the muff should come To the edge of the brim. (Because of different hat sizes, the muff may either overlap or not quite meet the brim.) To secure the muff to the edge of the brim, take a few stitches by hand. Stitch muff to cap, 1/4" seam.

3. Cap lining:

a. Stitch together the cap lining as you did the outside crown to the Ball cap.

b. Press under 1/4" along the bottom edge of the cap lining.

c. Matching seams, pin the cap lining inside the ball cap, wrong sides together. Hand stitch in place.

Complete! No more cold ears, rather you are shoveling snow or snow boarding down the ski slope!

The following pattern piece should print out to  7 1/4 inches at the widest point and 8 3/4 inches deep.

ballcap2.gif (31893 bytes)

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