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The Easy Hat
Victoria White, The Secret Workshop


Easyhat.jpg (4094 bytes)This project is great for anyone just beginning to sew or for a quick and easy gift. Everyone will have warm heads in no time!

One of the easiest hats you will ever make. Sew three straight seams and the hat is complete. A great pattern for the whole family!

Sizes - Based on head size - measure around head above eyebrow ridges.

XXS - head size 36 cm (14")
XS - head size 41 cm (16")
S - head size 46 cm (18")
M - head size 51 cm (20")
L - head size 56 cm (22")
XL - head size 61 cm (24")

Fabric Requirements - Based on width of 150 cm (60")

Polar Fleece contrast A
XXS - 0.20 m
XS - 0.20 m
S - 0.25 m
M - 0.30 m
L - 0.30 m
XL - 0.30 m

contrast B all sizes 0.10 m

Suggested Fabrics - heavyweight knits such as polar fleece

Notions - Thread

All seam allowances included.


Read Complete Instructions Before Starting Your Project.

Mark right side on all pattern pieces. The right side is determined by pulling slightly on the crossgrain (cut edge) of the fabric. The fleece will always roll to the wrong side. Mark with pins, tape or chalk. Use long pins with bright heads

Hat Top - Optional Pinking Finish
The top of the hat may be finished with a pinking edge. To do this, lay the hat top out flat and use pinking scissors or  a pinking blade to cut a small amount off one edge of the fabric.

Pattern Pieces
*All pieces are based on measurements. Please read carefully for size of hat piece*

Easy Hat Top Piece #1 Contrast "A"
The stretch of the polar fleece goes around the length of the piece
XXS 14" (36cm) by 6 1/2" (16.5cm)
XS 16" (41cm) by 7 1/2" (19cm)
S 18" (46cm) by 8 1/2" (21.5cm)
M 20" (51cm) by 9 1/2" (24cm)
L 22" (56cm) by 10 1/2" (27cm)
XL 24" (61cm) by 10 1/2" (27cm)

Easy Hat Contrast "B" Piece #2
XXS 14" (36cm) by 2" (5cm)
XS 16" (41cm) by 2" (5cm)
S 18" (46cm) by 2" (5cm)
M 20" (51cm) by 2" (5cm)
L 22" (56cm) by 2" (5cm)
XL 24" (61") by 2" (5cm)

Hat Top
1. With right sides together, place the two shorter edges together, pin and sew in place. Place to one side.

Head Band
2. Place the right sides and short edges together, pin and stitch together to form a cylinder. This makes it look like a headband.

Attaching Band to Hat Top
3. Place RIGHT SIDE of band to WRONG SIDE of hat top. Pin in place, matching seams on band and hat.  Stitch around the bottom of the hat. Turn hat right side out.

4. Flip wrong side of band up against right side of hat top. This makes a finished edge on the bottom of the hat where the two polar fleeces meet. Pin the band in place. (the contrast band will overlap the hat top, giving you two layers of fleece at the bottom).

5. Stitch upper edge of the band to the hat.

6. Scrunch top end together and tie with a piece of polar fleece about 4 cm (11/2") from the top. Arrange folds as desired.

You're Done!

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