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Copyright 1996 Donna Salyers, Fabulous-Furs

Fabu-Leather is a high-tech fabric that looks and feels like the finest, softest, most fluid and pliable leather imaginable. Great looks aside, 52-53" Fabu-Leather is machine wash/dry, breathes far better than leather and is lightweight. Available in an array of colors, it's WONDERFUL to wear AND easy to sew!

STRETCH AND RECOVERY IS THE KEY. A rayon/nylon knit backing provides crosswise AND lengthwise stretch AND INSTANT RECOVERY. In wearing, this means the knees and seat in a pair of pants stretch while one is seated, and retract upon standing.

A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY. Fabu-Leather has no nap, plus pattern pieces can be cut dramatically off-grain on this 52-53 inch fabric.

NO LINING IS NECESSARY IN PANTS AND SKIRTS. Actually, a lining counters the stretch and recovery properties, so here's one instance where fast sewing is not just acceptable but preferable.

SEW FAST! Cut edges do not fray or ravel and require no seam finishing. Because it's so porous, it's easy to pin and cut through two layers of Fabu-Leather. This porous quality means also that it's a year-round fabric.

IT'S OKAY TO PIN Fabu-Leather. The recovery factor HEALS pin holes. Do use fine pins. And do pin and sew. Pin holes from heavy pins or ANY pins left overnight will NOT instantly disappear, but may disappear with time or cautious pressing.

IT'S OKAY TO PRESS on the WRONG SIDE, even to the extent of using fusible interfacing. A water soluble glue stick is a super pressing option and ideal for holding open seam allowances, to get a sharp edge on collars, to secure hems and so on.

IT'S OKAY TO RIP MISTAKES! Steam away needle tracks from the wrong side. If necessary, CAUTIOUSLY PRESS THE RIGHT SIDE, but do cover the face with a damp press cloth and use low heat.

USE THE THINNEST NEEDLE POSSIBLE -- a 9 or 11 universal and good quality, all-purpose thread. Use 8-10 stitches per inch for seams and top-stitching. Use a Teflon foot as the face tends to stick to the presser foot. Use conventional 5/8-inch seams as Fabu-Leather is too thin for the lapped seams soften used in Ultrasuede.

MAKE A GLUE STICK YOUR BEST FRIEND. Though pins are acceptable, a glue stick is terrific for no-slip basting of seams and areas to be top-stitched.

MACHINE WASH/DRY UNCUT FABRIC as it shrinks about one inch per yard. The shrinkage occurs in the dryer, however, so instead of pre-shrinking, I hang laundered garments to dry, avoiding the dryer.

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