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Home Decor Tips,
by Clare Driscoll, Home Decor Workshops

  1. Make a bed sham for the kid’s bed . . .  but let them stuff it with PJ’s. Better yet, let them make it. A zippered knife-edged throw pillow is a PERFECT beginner project.
  2. Use extra bed pillows and blankets to stuff scatter pillows. They are always handy when company comes. Saves on linen closet space too.
  3. Turn your quilting, weaving or cross-stitching into exclusive home fashion accents, by converting them into throw pillows. This is a great way to showcase your work.
  4. Make three 17’x17" throw pillows from 1 yd. of 54 inch fabric. Use an overall pattern which does not require centering of a motif.
  5. Slipcover slips? Try stuffing strips of foam into the tuckins. Alternately, put some of your fabric remnants to work: roll them into a tube and stuff the tuckins with those.
  6. Piece a slipcover from leftover fabric. Creates an interesting effect with the charisma of a quilt.
  7. Things to remember when slipcovering: Most furniture can be slipcovered. The same basic techniques apply to all. Use your imagination. Be daring!   Have fun with it. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. It’s your furniture. It’s JUST furniture. Use your instinct. Trust your judgment.
  8. Save that old chair! If it’s structurally sturdy, but has boring fabric, doesn’t match or is just plain ugly; it’s a slipcover candidate. The best first-time candidates have loose cushions, straight lines and no wood showing. Sofabeds typically fit the bill.
  9. Before slipcovering your furniture don’t be afraid to change the styling, or beef-up the stuffing with additional polyester batting, foam or cotton wherever you want (similar to adding shoulder pads to a shirt.) The added styling will be covered by the new "dress." Be inventive!

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