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Wooden Nativity Ornaments
Karen Booy, Ewe and Me Pattern Co.

To view and purchase other designs by Karen Booy  - go to www.karenbooy.com

Create some fast and fun Christmas Nativity ornaments!

Mary and Joseph are made using 2-3/8" wooden doll bodies. Baby Jesus is made using a 1-3/4" doll body. No sewing required! Just glue and go.

MATERIALS NEEDED Mary-Joseph-Jesus220.gif (8831 bytes)

Mary & Joseph Body:     2 --   2-3/8" wooden doll bodies
Baby Jesus Body    1 -- 1-3/4" wooden doll body
Headpiece:    2 -- 4" X 4" pieces of fabric
Blanket           1 -- 3" X 3" pieces of fabric
Paint:             Flesh, green, red and black.
Face:             Pink blush and cotton swab

Hair:               Brown hairAccents: Jute, excelsior & 3" wreath
Hanger:         Fishing line

BODY: Paint each wood doll head with flesh colored acrylic paint. Let dry.  Paint body of doll green for Joseph and red for Mary.

FACE: Dip and dot two eyes with black acrylic paint. Let dry. Use a Q-tip to apply pink blush for cheeks.

MARY’S HAIR: Glue hair to front of head only, back of head will be covered with headpiece.

HEADPIECE: Cut two 4" square pieces. Fold back 1" and press. Fold again 1/2" and press. Center and glue folded edge of the headpiece to centare of forehead. Finger press back of headpiece to each bottom point. Fold side toward back. (See Diagram A). Bring points to centare back. Tack with glue. (See Diagram B)Mary-Joseph-Jesus_D.jpg (11743 bytes)

Cut two 5" of jute and twist together. Glue around Joseph’s head for headband, overlapping at neck level at back of head.

BOW: Tie two small bows with jute and glue under necks of Mary and Joseph.

BABY JESUS: Cut blanket 3" square. Glue baby to blanket, with the head 1/2" down from one point. Then glue blanket around baby. Wrap a small ball of excelsior and glue to the sides of a 3" grapevine wreath. Glue baby to center of wreath.

HANGER: Use fishing line for hangers for Mary and Joseph. Place baby Jesus ornament on a tree branch.


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1999 Karen Booy
Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus
2 3/8"Wooden Ornaments

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