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Neckwarmer Collar
By Linda Beer, Sundrop Outerwear Textiles


You will need:
0.10m (1/8 yd) of ribbing

neckwar1.gif (5716 bytes)1. Measure the neckedge of the garment you wish to add a neckwarmer collar to and divide by 2.

2. Subtract 5-6.5cm (2-2.5") from the measurement. How much you subtract depends on the size of garment and how stretchy your ribbing is. (If you are not sure how much to subtract, start with 5cm (2"), you can adjust it in Step 8 if necessary).

3. Using the pattern template below, create your own pattern making a - b the length you computed in Step 2.

4. Cut neckwarmer on fold of ribbing.

5. Open neckwarmer piece and refold wrong sides together lengthwise. Press lightly.

6. Place raw edge of neckwarmer to lining of garment matching centre backs. Pin points of neckwarmer to centre fronts 2.5cm (1") back from centre front of garment.

7. Stitch from centre back out to centre front on one side at pattern seam allowance easing neckwarmer to fit. (At this point if the ribbing is too stretchy you can trim it back at centre front if it doesn't all fit in). Stitch from centre back to centre front on other side. Voila! No more cold wind at your back!

Now is a good time to add a coat hanger hook. Cut .10m (4") of cording and stitch at centre back as shown.

Note: The following pattern piece may not print to size. Measure the piece across the width from "a" to what would be the widest point of the pattern piece and it should measure 5 5/8" inches. If it doesn't please resize your pattern piece!

neckwar2.gif (6685 bytes)

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