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Customizing Patterns -- Adding Peek-A-Boo Cuffs for Kids
Victoria White, The Secret Workshop

Even with all the children's and baby's patterns available, you still might have difficulty finding "just" what you are looking for. It is good to know that most patterns can be easily customized to better fit your and your child's needs. This month, we'll take a look at adding Peek-a-boo cuffs on the sleeves and legs of a baby romper. These cuffs will keep hands and feet warm yet easily accessible. I love adding peek-a-boo cuffs on polar fleece suits and sleepers. Hands and feet remain inside the garment so they do not get cold and as the children grow, the cuff can be turned back allowing hands and feet to come through the openings.

cuff.jpg (5551 bytes)

cuff2.jpg (5507 bytes)


Adjusting a pattern to include peek-a-boo cuffs is easy. I use this method to make instant mitts or slippers. Try this technique on knits or polar fleece.

1. Cut an extra piece of fabric the same width as the point on the pant leg or sleeve where you will be adding the "peek-a-boo" cuff.

2. Next, decide how long you need to make the mitt or slipper - 4" is great for mitts and slippers on little ones but you might need more length for older children.

3. Finish the edge that will lay parallel to the cuff - this edge will not be attached to the garment. This edge could be hemmed or you might want to add bias tape. On polar fleece however, I like to use lycra binding because of the stretch and softness of the finish.

4. Baste in place to the pant bottom and side.

5. Now continue to sew the pants as normal. The side of the "peek-a-boo" cuff will be caught in the side seams of the pants.

6. Add the cuffs to the sleeper, sewing through all thickness - this will be through the front and then two layers on the back (the "peek-a-boo" cuff and the normal pant leg.

Now when you are finished you should have a finished leg with a cuff on the bottom. You now have the option to roll down the cuff and make a "slipper" or "mitt". If you need the "slipper" to be no slip, just paint a design on the bottom using puff paint.

This method can also be done using a ribknit for the fold back cuff.

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