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by Sally Cowan, Keeping You In Stitches


PATTERN FITTING FOR THE TRULY TERRIFIED A major area of concern for people who are sewing, have sewn or are sewing again after years of not sewing, is good ole pattern fitting. This is where so many people give up sewing all-together. When you select your pattern by looking at the back of the envelope and see the measurements, you often pick a pattern that is much to big. If you buy a size 10 in the store and are using a size 14 pattern -- well, something is wrong. Around the neck there are lots of pieces, such as collars, facings, and zippers and it is best to stay away from that area. Picking a smaller pattern that will fit in the neck area is much easier to work with. Letting out the bust and waist area is no problem.

Laugh and learn!

Sally Cowan

Note -- I put together a 90 minute video, TAPED LIVE, which covers all the areas of changing a tissue pattern. It is done with humor and it takes a "no big deal approach." It comes down to "just do it." The cost is only $24.95.

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