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Quick Gifts for Kids -- Scrunchies

by Victoria White, The Secret Workshop


Scrunchy Set

Scrunchies are great. They are quick and easy to make, use up left over pieces of fabric and have a very useful prurpose -- holding back hair. If someone in your house has long hair -- scrunchies are a part of life!!

A scrunchy set makes a great gift. Not only well it be will received by the person you are giving it to, the scrunchy holder helps keep all those scrunchies in place. The holder can sit in the bathroom or bedroom and means you will never have to go scrunchy hunting again! (That is if they all get put in their right place!)

Scrunchy Holder

Lightly sand the surface of the paper towel holder. Add a coat of paint and let dry. If necessary, add one or two additional coats of paint depending on the paint color and the desired look of the scrunchy holder. Tie a ribbon at the top and fill with scrunchies.


Scrunchies are easy to make. There are a few different methods you can use depending on the fabric and desired finish.

Generally the fabric is 4" (10cm) wide and between 16" (41cm) and 20" (51cm) long. These measurements are only a guideline. For a child, the scrunchy could be cut smaller and narrower. A wider and longer cut of fabric will result in a fuller scrunchy. Try lots of different sizes and see what you end up with!

Method One

Cut fabric 4" (10cm) by 20" (51cm) (This measurement is being used for example purposes -- scrunchies can be made in various widths and lengths).

Fold the fabric in half lengthwise, right sides together. Sew this seam together, leaving the narrow edge of the fabric (the top and bottom) open.

Turn the fabric to the right side. Insert elastic through the tube, holding one end as you thread the other. The length of elastic you use can vary depending on the thickness of the hair. Lengths are generally between 5" (13cm) to 10" (51cm). The average is 6" (15cm) to 8" (20"). Secure the elastic by tying the ends in a knots or by stitching through the ends.

Place one tube over the other, turning under a small hem. Hand stitch fabric ends together.

Method Two

Cut a piece of fabric 4" (10cm) x 20" (51cm). Fold the fabric in half lengthwise, right sides together. Stitch together leaving a 2" (5cm) opening in the center of the seam. Turn tube to the right side. Stitch the open ends together to form a circle. Thread the elastic through the opening in the tube, securing the ends of the elastic. Slip-stitch the open seam.

Method Three

This is one of two methods for making scrunchies that uses rubber bands. Cut fabric 4" (10cm) x 20" (51cm). Sew short ends together making a circle.

Now take a rubber band and place this inside the fabric. Sew the fabric together with the rubber band sandwiched between the two layers of fabric.

This seam is going to be the exposed finished edge of your scrunchy. Using a serger is great for this method, try a woolly nylon, experiment with stitch length and thread.

Method Four

This method also uses a rubber band and allows you to turn the fabric so your seams are on the side. Cut a length of fabric 4" (10cm) x 20" (51cm) and sandwich the fabric around the rubber band. Stitch the lengthwise seam together, right sides together. Be carefull not to catch the rubber band when sewing. Next with the fabric attached around the rubber band, turn the fabric on itself. The right side is now exposed and the seams are on the inside. Turn under raw edge of short ends, tuck one inside the tube and slip-stitch in place.

These are only a few ideas for making great scrunchies. If you do not have a piece of fabric to fold over, use two pieces. Try woolly nylon, rolled hems, decorative thread that will coordinate or contrast.

Fun and easy to make -- before you know it, a great gift for any girl!

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