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Secret Pocket Pattern and Instructions

By Linda Beer, Sundrop Outerwear Textiles


You will need:

1. A piece of fabric 17 cm (6 3/4") x 22cm (8 3/4")

2. 1 - 6" light weight coil zipper


1. Serge or zigzag raw edge of fabric piece for pocket.pocket1.gif (1895 bytes)

2. Press under 1cm (3/8') 2 long sides and one short side of pocket. pocket2.gif (1703 bytes)

3. Lay zipper right side down on unpressed pocket edge.pocket34.gif (2102 bytes)

4. Stitch down along top edge at 1cm (3/8') seam allowance keeping pressed edges unfolded.

5. Flip zipper up and topstitch along fabric as shown.pocket5.gif (1779 bytes)

6. Fold raw edges to back where pressed folding excess zipper to back as well. Use pins or a sewing glue product to keep in place.

7. Place onto garment where desired pining or liquid glue basing in place.pocket68.gif (2062 bytes)

8. Sew around pocket fabric at edge and across top of zipper. Viola instant zippered pocket.



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