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Ewe & Me & Baby
Sheep Family

Karen Booy, EWE & ME Pattern Company

Ewe & Me & Baby


Assorted scraps of sheep fleece (sherpa), two 1" wooden plugs, one 3/4" wooden plug, four large wooden spools, four medium spools, and four small wooden spools, scrap of black felt, 6" grey pipe cleaner, two liberty bells, 3" of jute, black and white acrylic paint, blush and Q-tip.


LEGS: Paint four wooden spools for each sheep with black acrylic paint. Let dry. Glue four spools of each size together (one set eachof small, medium and large). Test your hot glue, if the hot glue from the glue gun does not hold the spools together, glue with wood glue. Let dry.

FACE: With black acrylic paint two 1" wooden plugs and one 3/4" plug. Let dry. Dip and dot white paint for eyes.

Use a Q-tip to apply pink blush for cheeks.

BODY: Cut three sheep bodies out of sheep fleece. For ram, cut one 5 1/4" (13.5 cm) diameter circle; for ewe cut one 4" (10.5 cm) circle; for lamb cut one 3" (7.5 cm) circle. With a double thickness of thread stitch around edge of circles. Pull threads to gather up circles, stuff with polyester stuffing. Pull threads tightly and tie off. Glue sheep body to the top of corresponding small, medium and large spool legs.

HEAD: Glue 1" wooden plug to large and medium bodies. Glue 3/4" wooden plug to small sheep.

EARS: Cut ears out of black felt. Put a small amount of glue on ends of ear and fold to create more dimension to ear. Glue to top of head for small and medium sheep. Cut a small square of scrap fleece and glue to top of head covering ears and part of head.

Ewe & Me & BabyEwe's ear should be 7/8" (21mm) and lamb's ear should be 5/8" (17cm) in length.


RAM: Roll up ends of pipe cleaner for horns. Glue to top of head. Thread liberty bell on jute. Glue to each side of ram head. Cut a small square of fleece and glue to top of head, covering pipe cleaner and part of head.

Refer to drawing for feet, face and head placement!

Wishing EWE a Merry Christmas!


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