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Silk Ribbon Embroidery Stitches
Easy Way to Knot Your Ribbon

by Betty Caskey, Victorian Pleasures

1. Thread the ribbon into the eye of your needle. (Illustration A)

2. Push the point of the needle through the end of the ribbon that you just passed through its eye. (Illustration B) Push the needle all the way through the ribbon, then slide the ribbon "loop" up snug to the needle. (Illustration C) This prevents the ribbon from sliding off the needle as you stitch.

3. Hold the other end of the ribbon to the tip of the needle. (Illustration D) Make a small stitch (down, across, then up) in the center of the ribbon about 1/4" from the end. (Illustration E) Gently pull the needle and length of ribbon all the way through. (Illustration F) You should leave a large soft knot at the end. (Illustration G)

Tip: Work with lengths of ribbon that are 12" to 16" long. The ribbon's edges will fray the longer it is used.

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