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Stars & Hearts Embellishment Tips

by Pauline Richards, Total Embellishment Newsletter

(As published in Winter 1997, Volume 1, Number 1 issue of Total Embellishment Newsletter)

stars2.gif (32133 bytes)Embellishment Pattern #003, Stars & Hearts is one that you can use in many ways for years to come. Enlarge the design below to meet your needs or just choose the sections that appeal to you and use them in the original size. From funky to conventional, there is bound to be a star or heart just right for your every need.

The designs are suitable for applique, decorative outlining, OmniStitch fill-in or outlining, fabric painting and a host of other embellishing techniques.

If you’re appliquéing the hearts with a satin stitch, try this technique I saw on a $170 boutique vest. Add a few hand stitches over the satin stitches to add texture and dimension. Use embroidery floss, wool tapestry yarn or metallic threads to create large X’s extending over the top of the completed satin stitches. Another option, try a few straight stitches parallel to the satin stitches, leave a ½ " space and then apply a few more more stitches. You’ll love the results and the value of your custom garment goes up with every stitch!

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Print out the pattern below to fit an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper:

stars.gif (30934 bytes)

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