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Tic Tac Toe Board
Elna Sew or Serge, Elna USA Inc.

Beginner Level Project

tttelna1.gif (4711 bytes)A game to have with you at all times. The tic tac toe board is great to have while traveling, at the beach, or shopping. This game will help keep kids occupied during those long road trips.


(9) 6" X 6" quilted squares
(1) 19" x 19" decorator fabric
5 squares of fabric A to cover buttons
5 squares of fabric B to cover buttons
10 buttons to cover, size 100
2 cones Maxi-LockTM
2 spools Pearl Crown RayonTM
PRO Cards #1 and #2


Elna 905, or 925


  1. Insert PRO Card #2. Select Deco Flatlock 2. Set up serger using Pearl Crown Rayon in lower looper and Maxi-lock in needle.
  2. Serge the 6" x 6" quilted squares together in rows of 3, placing wrong sides together. Once you have 3 rows of 3 quilted squares each, serge them all together (fig.1).tttelna2.gif (2112 bytes)
  3. Insert PRO Card #1. Select Deco Edge 4. Set up serger using Pearl Crown Rayon in upper and lower loopers and Maxi-lock in the needles.
  4. Place the wrong side of the 9 quilted squares to the wrong side of the 19" x 19" decorator fabric. Serge the Deco Edge 4 around the outside, sewing the pieces together.
  5. Use 5 buttons and 5 squares of fabric A and cover the buttons. Use the other 5 buttons and cover them with fabric B. You can even let your children choose their favorite fabric for covering the buttons.
  6. Now you have your travel version of a tic tac toe board. Variation: Use muslin to cover buttons and with a permanent marker draw the "X’s" and "O’s" on the muslin.

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