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Keeping a Travel Journal

By Jo Reimer, SAF-T-POCKETS Travelwear Patterns

Keep a travel journal. Carry a tiny notebook and pen in your pocket and take notes about what you see and do and think during the day. Each night take 30 minutes to transfer this information to your journal. It takes such a short time to create an heirloom like this.

A friend keeps a unique journal. She’s an early riser and each morning while on a trip she writes and mails a long letter home, telling her family about the previous day and about her responses to experiences and people. When she arrives home she collects and collates these letters into a trip journal.

On one page of your journal record the clothes you took with you and keep a record of what you actually wore. Revealing!

Make your journal interesting. Take along a blank book to use as a trip journal. Take a small pair of paper scissors and a small glue stitck (Uhu brand). Cut out colored pictures of the area you are visiting and glue a picture on each page to illustrate your journal. Collect brochures, flyers, posters, and other paper goods with colored pictures.

For example: Glue a picture of dim sum and chopsticks to one page and use this page to write about the foods you ate and your first attempt at using chopsticks. Or illustrate one page with pictures of fish and write about your snorkling adventure.

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