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Sew Many Options -- Travel Tips
Packing Tips
By Marsha McClintock, Sew Many Options Tours

1. Always start by making a checklist. It will speed up packing and let you know what you might have forgotten.

2. In case your bag is lost or misplaced, place a paper with your name, address, phone number and a copy of your itinerary in full view inside your suitcase and in an outside pocket. Include the name of your hotel, its address and your dates of arrival and departure. This will help to get the bag to you.

3. Never pack the following items in checked luggage: Money, medicine, expensive jewelry, traveler's checks, matches, cigarette lighters, butane for curling irons or travel documents including your airline tickets.

4. Tie a colorful ribbon on the handle of our suitcase. This will help you to find it in a sea of black suitcases. Don't write your name & address on the luggage tag unless it is covered. Instead put your travel agent's address & phone number. Make sure to leave a copy of your itinerary with someone you trust.

5. Make a list of the contents in your suitcase as you pack and keep it with you.

6. Pack as many items as possible in your carry-on bag in plastic Ziplock bags. This helps to organize and prevent spills.

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