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Easy Tree Ornaments for Kids
 Victoria White, The Secret Workshop


stocking.jpg (8863 bytes)Samples of Stockings Made

The Red one was made by me
when I was around 5 or 6

The Green one was made
by Alan at age 3 1/2

The Blue one was made by
Hayley at age 1 1/2

Christmas for me as a child holds so many special memories. Gatherings around the table, eating all day long, tobogganing on the hill behind our house, baking gingerbread men and making ornaments for the tree. My mother taught us all so much as children and sewing was only one of the many talents she shared. As the holiday season approaches, it is a wonderful time to spend some time with the children in your life to do an easy and fun sewing project. A felt stocking is a great place to start. In the years to come, the stocking can hang on the tree as a reminder of past years.

The ornament itself can be as simple or as difficult as the child would like. It can be sewn on the sewing machine or by hand. Gage the child's ability and work from there. Remember, perfect stitches are not important, having fun is!!

Start the project by making a paper pattern. The stocking does not need to be very large but should be big enough for small hands to work with. The stocking my son made when he was three was about 3" long by 1 1/2" wide. Draw your pattern on paper first and then cut out. Felt works really well for this project because no extra finishing is required for he edges. The stocking can be made wrong sides together and requires no turning.

Place your pattern on the felt, pin in place and cut out the stocking. You will need two pieces - one for the front and one for the back. Stitch the two stocking together using a stitch of your choice. This could be a regular straight stitch, a blanket stitch or decorative stitch. If using thread, a thicker thread works best. If possible, use a topstitching thread or embroidering thread with a larger needle. The larger needle will be easier for a child to work with and, having a bigger eye, will be easier to thread.

Work around the outside of the stocking, normally beginning at on top corner edge and continuing around the toe of the stocking and up to the other top corner edge. Do a few smaller stitches at the end in one place to secure the thread in place. At this point the stocking can be slightly stuffed with some batting if desired. Stitch across the top and secure your thread. The stocking will also need something to hang from. A loop of thread attached to the top works great.

After the stocking is complete, the child can decorate by adding felt cutouts. Buttons, pompoms or other smaller decorations all work well.   These can be glued or stitched in place. This is where even the smallest child can be "helping." The finished stocking can be hung with pride on the family Christmas tree or given as a gift for others to share.

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