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Reprinted Courtesy of "Tulle Tales" and Falk Industries

A no-sew, no-glue fun project that even the beginner crafter can make!

TULLETIDE" WREATH"Materials Needed:


  1. Shape wire hanger into circle by bending and forming between your hands. Leave hook at top for hanging.
  2. Cut all the 6" tulle and tulle with gold sparkles into 6" strips.
  3. Starting at the top of the wreath, take a piece of hunter green tulle, gather it and tie it to the coat hanger with an overhand knot so that the hanger passes through the center of the knot and the knot is near the center of the stip of tulle. Pull the knot taut.
  4. Now take a piece of hunter green tulle with gold sparkles and tie in the same manner and push it next to the strip of hunter tulle that you just tied. Alternate between the hunter tulle and the hunter tulle with sparkles for 10 strips.
  5. Switch to the red tulle and tie to the hanger in the same way, alternating between the red tulle and the red tulle with sparkles for 6 strips. Then switch back to the hunter green tulle.
  6. Repeat the above steps until the entire hanger is full. You may now fluff out the tulle and cut any uneven strips, if desired.
  7. A bow may be tied at the top of the wreath using wire-edge ribbon or the wreath can be decorated using ornaments, pinecones, etc.


* Ask for these Falk Industries Products at your local craft supply store.

Reprinted courtesy of Tulle Tales, PO Box 690, Prince Street Station, NY, NY 10012

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