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Tulle . . . It’s Not Just for Weddings Anymore!

Reprinted Courtesy of "Tulle Tales" and Falk Industries

In the past, people associated tulle almost exclusively with weddings. However, tulle is so versatile and easy to use it makes any craft or design project into a "tulle-rific" project. Listed below are some of our favorite Christmas-related ideas for using tulle:

  1. Wrap gift baskets or other gift items in tulle for an elegant and unique presentation. Simply place the basket in the center of a precut 36" square, or the 54" tulle, and gather the tulle at the top of the basket and tie with your favorite ribbon. All of the wonderful items inside are still visible and you have a great alternative to cello or shrink-wrap.
  2. Weave the 6" tulle or tulle with sparkles* through your Christmas tree instead of traditional garland for a heavenly look.
  3. Use the 6" tulle or tulle with sparkles* to make bows to enhance any gift packaging. Tulle has no "memory," so it can be srcunched up, tied into a bow, and then fluffed out so effortlessly with beautiful results.
  4. Using a pre-formed wreath frame, the contrasting textures of tulle combined with other ribbons simply woven through the wreath form, create beautiful wreaths that can be used year-round. You can even use a regular wire-coat hanger to make an exquisite wreath entiely of tulle. See "Tulletide" Wreath project.
  5. Party favors wrapped in tulle can add an elegant accent to any dinner party. Try wrapping your favorite holiday candles in tulle circles, tie them with matching curling ribbon, tie a hole-punched seating card to the ribbon and place at each seat.
  6. Dress up an old Christmas ornament in tulle and accent it with wonderful curling ribbon.

Whether you use any of these ideas or create your own unique projects, you can turn this Yuletide into Tulletide!

* Ask for these Falk Industries Products at your local craft supply store.

Reprinted courtesy of Tulle Tales, PO Box 690, Prince Street Station, NY, NY 10012

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