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Undercover Secrets for Sheer Success
By Pauline Richards, Total Embellishment Newsletter

(Originally published in the Spring 1998 issue
of Total Embellishment Newsletter.)

Have you ever passed up a fabric you absolutely love because it was just TOO BOLD or Too Bright? The next time this happens, grab the bright fabric and race right to the sheer fabrics. Experiment with the different effects you can create by using the sheer fabric as an overlay for the bold, bright print. The sheer becomes a "partial mask," taming or toning down a bold fabric. It will enable you to utilize the bold fabric in a new way, in fact you actually create an entirely new fabric. Sheers can also enrich fabrics by changing a simple cotton into a fabric suitable for evening wear.

Try these ideas for sheer pleasure:

Sheer Fashion

Sheers couldn't be more in fashion than this spring and summer. Look for great prints and geometrics in single and double georgettes, organzas and voiles. Previously relegated to the special occasion and bridal sections of your fabric store, they are now an entire section themselves, along with other daytime prints.

If you're hesitant to indulge in a sheer fabric because it's just "not you," consider layering them for color play. Lining can also be used where needed, but let the sheers be sheer in areas where modesty isn't a question, like sleeves, overlays, collars and cuffs. A basic slip dress with sheer overdress is a great summer look, and you can wear the under dress with other things, like a jacket, tunic or other wearable art topper.

Your serger is great for sheers-use it for narrow seams that don't show through, and for decorative rolled edge finishes on hemlines. If you have trouble with "pokies," try serging over a narrow pressed fold, then trimming away the second layer after your stitching is complete.

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