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Wardrobe Tips

by Kathleen Spike, Coaching Works

(The following is excerpted with permission from Image Organization Makes Cents, a newsletter published by Kathleen Spike and Coaching Works.)


How do you know what clothes to buy when you go out shopping? Hang a spiral notebook with a pencil on it someplace in your closet. Every time you get dressed and are missing an item to wear that would make the outfit complete - WRITE it in this notebook. The next time you go shopping, you will know exactly what to look for. The key and the discipline is: you only buy what is on the list. Until you have everything on the list, you are wasting your clothing dollars or fattening your closet with sale stuff, cheap stuff, emotional stuff. Now when you shop you will be organized and HUNT carefully.


1.) Shoes with old curled toes.

2.) Clothing you love with a mysterious stain the dry cleaner can not get out.

3.) Coats you wore in high school.

4.) "Dead," scratched, broken handbags.

5.) Jeans that are too tight and short in the crotch.

6.) Belts that are too short for you. You know they will never grow to fit you.

7.) All the "ugly" stuff you don't wear.

8.) Shoes with ripped or scuffed heels without hope of repair.

9.) Sentimental clothes (you wore it to the prom or on a first date).

10.) Wire hangers -- they have a way of mating with each other and one will soon equal three.

 NOW! Organize your closet by color. Within each color, organize by item. All pants, all shirts, all skirts together in one color section. This will teach you what color to expand on.

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