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Easy (and Perfect) Welt Pockets

by Lisa Cahoon

Note: We are publishing these instructions because of a discussion on a recent Quiltropolis List about perfect welt pockets. If you haven't checked out the Quiltropolis site and joined one of their discussion groups, please do! We have a link to Quiltropolis on our Links page.

These instructions are included as provided to the list -- there are no diagrams or photos available yet, but we hope to add them at a later date.

I took a class from a custom tailor about 5 years ago and learned how to make these pockets. This is a self-faced welt pocket. Because it is self-faced there is less bulk in the seams and because you use one larger piece of fabric instead of smaller strips of bias it’s extremely easy to get good results. I’ve talked to many teachers, looked at their methods and also looked at the methods provided in pattern directions and I haven’t seen this duplicated exactly. If anyone has used this method before please let me know. If these directions seem long, its only because a picture is worth a thousand words and I have no pictures! I’ve tried to explain everything in detail so even a less experienced seamstress can follow along. Here we go . . .


The main thing to remember is start and stop your stitching exactly at the ends of the welt. When you wrap the welt around the seam allowance, for best results you need to press the resulting folds all the way to the end of the welt piece. AND, you need to stitch accurately across the corner triangles.

This welt method can be adapted to single welts and asymmetric welts. The facing part doesn’t work with an asymmetric welt, because it will lie at an odd angel but you can trim away the excess fabric and attach a second piece of jacket fabric to act as a facing behind the welt.

This method also works very well for bound buttonholes.

I’d welcome any feedback! Send to info@getcreativeshow.com


Lisa Cahoon, Get Creative! Show Manager

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