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Winter 1998 Forecast for Fashion Cents

by Kathleen Spike, Coaching Works ,

STYLE IS BACK. Drab colors are "fading" and beautiful colors are emerging again. However, I hope they keep something for everyone, don't you? Why do they have to give us feast or famine? Well, you know, they have to keep us intrigued and spending too much money!

As the National Director of Training for Color 1 Associates, I believe half of the population looks good in "fading" colors and the rest look magnificent in clear colors. Both are are necessary to be out there and each is beautiful on the skin and hair of the appropriate person. (Check in next month's newsletter for information on you and color.)

WHERE IS HAIR? Just like hem lengths, it is all over the place. However, the main theme or feature for the season is the "natural botched" look. What is that? Mostly medium length, and the hair is cut uneven and has sort of a messy look instead of a "coifed" appearance. It can be any where from short to long with the common feature of "uneven." The question is, "How long has it been since you have had a new and startling change in your hair?" Is Winter l998 a time to try something new, get a more modern look and drop 10 years off the look of your "age?" A newer cut will make you look younger without losing weight or getting a new outfit.

"LUSH TO TOUCH" is a real focus in fabrics for l998. This beautiful, feminine lushness includes velvet mixed with silk; LycraTM mixed with rayon; silk and rayon; Tencel mixed with cotton; fake fur that feels just like animal and seen on collars and cuffs. Any fabric that expresses elegance and femininity is in. However, the prices are not beyond reach, as the new improved synthetics are mixed with the lush naturals and keep the clothes affordable. If you have always wanted a piece of velvet and thought it was just for evening, get out there now and get a piece for day wear. It can be seen at the office, at the coffee shop and on the ski slopes. Feminine has arrived!

MEN WANT TO GET INTO THE ACT TOO! Ties are the man's way to say, "I love fashion, color and trends too." They are conservative to outrageous and can cost from $10 to $300. It depends on the man. Want to give your man a support system for dressing? Buy Ken Skarpenski's book, "Red Socks Don't Work." It is a story and a fashion book your man will enjoy.

Men's shirts are closer to the body. Round collars are coming in and shirts are in outrageous colors. Suits are designed with everything from single to three buttons. If they ever wear a three button, teach them to button only the first button to be "really hip" and the top two if they are afraid of being noticed. NEVER button all three or the middle one only.

FINAL NOTE! The image within can be expressed when you know your style. Style is nurture, not nature. It is a learned skill. Stay tuned and we will help you develop yours!

Kathleen Spike is the National Director of Training for Color 1 and publishes a national fashion newsletter called IMAGE ORGANIZATION MAKES CENTS. Call 503-282-7498 if you want a free sample copy.

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