Elna sewing machines and presses were first designed in Geneva, Switzerland in 1934 and have been available in the United States since the early 1940's. The Elna trademark has earned a significant place in the sewing industry as a result of numerous innovations which placed Elna machines in a class of their own. Elna sewing machines are well known for their reliability, quality, ease of operation, and elegant design.

Elna provides an expansive variety of sewing machines, sergers, and presses.

Sewing Machines with Embroidery Capabilities:

CE20.jpg (14606 bytes)
The EnVision CE20 is a computerized sewing, quilting, and embroidery machine with hundreds of built-in utility and decorative stitches, quilting applications and professional style embroidery capabilities.

There are 155 built-in stitches, 5 one-step buttonholes, 206 characters (upper and lower case letters, numerals and punctuation) -- 366 stitches in total!

Quilters will love the six built-in patchwork designs, numerous quilting stitches, stencil quilting, and free motion quilting options.

 Stitch out over 800 designs from the 50+ Elna embroidery card selection on the large 90mm x 126mm embroidery area of the CE20. Create original designs by use of the optional scanner.


The EnVision 8007 includes the same great embroidery capability as the CE20 and traditional sewing capabilities.  With 30 utility stitches, 5 buttonhole styles, 35 decorative stitches, and 4 built-in typestyles, the EnVision 8007 is a dream. 




Stitch out over 900 designs from the 65+ Elna embroidery  card  collection using your CE20 or 8007. Or for those who want even more options, there is Dream Vision, the Elna software and reader /writer box that works with both computer compatible machines.  Download designs from the internet, convert clip-art into "stitch-art", use design disks such as those by Amazing Designs or scan your original designs with a regular flatbed scanner.  Then you simply select the colors and stitch types of your choice.  Designs can be sized and rotated to fit the space you want to fill.


Sewing Machines:

The Elna sewing machine line continues with 7 more models sure to fit any given sewers needs. From type specific models such as the Heirloom Edition, Quilter's Dream and FunStyler to general purpose machines, Elna's  sewing machine line is designed kto fulfill the needs of every type of sewer.


The premium serger is the 945. It has three cover hems -- narrow, wide, and triple, and the most popular overlock stitches built-in.  It can be continually updated to use new stitches by using any of nine exclusive ProCards.  Other exclusive features include a disengaging chain looper, tilt needle clamp for easy threading, computer-controlled automatic tension, and an electronic speed reducer,  The complete serger line consists of 4 models to fit your serging needs.


Presses: The Sapphire, ,Graffiti, & compact press 


Elnapresses  save time and produce fantastic results.  With a board four times the size of a conventional iron and 100 pounds of pressure, everything from T-shirts and blue jeans to business suits and bed sheets can be crisp and perfectly pressed in minutes



For more information on Elna products, 
visit www.elnausa.com or call the 
Elna dealer locator at 
to find the retailer near you.


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